Technology Ventures Book
Thomas H. Byers
Richard C. Dorf
Andrew J. Nelson

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Technology Ventures, 5th Edition, integrates the most valuable entrepreneurship and technology management theories from the world’s leading scholars to create a fresh look at entrepreneurship. It also provides an action-oriented approach to the subject through the use of numerous examples, exercises, and frameworks. By striking a balance between theory and practice, readers gain from both perspectives. The comprehensive collection of concepts and applications provides the tools necessary for distinguishing between ideas and true opportunities, and for starting and growing a technology enterprise.

This website augments the official McGraw-Hill one to provide additional resources for learning about this important subject. The bulk of the information on this website is a collection of video clips from Stanford eCorner

Chapter 1: Role and Promise of Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: Opportunities

Chapter 3: Vision and the Business Model

Chapter 4: Competitive Strategy

Chapter 5: Innovation Strategies

Chapter 6: The Business Story and Plan

Chapter 7: Risk and Return

Chapter 8: Creativity and Product Development

Chapter 9: Marketing and Sales

Chapter 10: Types of Ventures

Chapter 11: Intellectual Property

Chapter 12: The New Enterprise Organization

Chapter 13: Acquiring and Organizing Resources

Chapter 14: Management of Operations

Chapter 15: Acquisitions and Global Expansion

Chapter 16: Profit and Harvest

Chapter 17: The Financial Plan

Chapter 18: Sources of Capital

Chapter 19: Deal Presentations and Negotiations

Chapter 20: Leading Ventures to Success

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